Stephen A Smith Declares Ben Simmons the Weakest, Most Pathetic Excuse for a Professional Athlete in the History of Sports

via First Take on ESPN

These are the days Stephen A. Smith was born for. You can pencil in 7-10 days a year where you remember why he makes $10 million annually. After a big Cowboys loss, anytime Mad Dog or JJ Redick is on, Knicks losses, and when he can go after players for being soft and 100% of the world will agree with him.

And so it was written:

Hard to come back from “the weakest most pathetic excuse for a professional athlete we have ever seen in not just American history, but the history of sport.” How long do you think Ben Simmons can put up this charade that he actually enjoys playing basketball? I feel like we’re not too far from him retiring, citing mental health, and the narrative completely shifts to how brave he is. The complete 180 surrounding Ben and his mental health has been hilarious. Doesn’t matter if you have a podcast no one listens to or you’re on ESPN, nobody gives a shit about treating Ben Simmons with kid gloves any more. He’s made his bed. Between the clown outfits and his back ‘acting up’ the day before he was supposed to play AFTER 10 days of pain free basketball:

Will Mina Kimes have the balls to step in and reprimand big bad bully Stephen A or is that only reserved for people outside of the Mouse? –