Stephen A Smith Goes IN on Ben Simmons for Missing Game 4

screenshot from ESPN

News came out that Ben Simmons won’t be suiting up for the Nets in Game 4 and Stephen A wasn’t having any of it:

I’m so happy Ben Simmons is someone else’s problem now. What an absolute loser. You can’t convince me that the story about him faking a positive COVID test before Game 7 isn’t 100% true. This back issue coming out of nowhere to force Ben to miss the entire season and piss off the Nets couldn’t have been drummed up in the most erotic Sixers fan fiction novel. If Klutch and Ben Simmons have an ounce of integrity, they’d pull this grievance before it screws over the players in the next CBA. Some are going to argue he’s doing this to strengthen his grievance case. I don’t see it that way. This back issue had nothing to do with his original filing.

I can’t wait for this asshole’s outfit tomorrow. Fuck it. Go big or go home.  I want Ben Simmons coming out like he’s at the Met Gala. You’re already the biggest asshole in the world for showing up like this on Saturday:

P.S. This video just became a million times more funny. He’s like a kid telling his parents to watch him jump off the diving board: