What an all-time bad take from Woj:

It’s okay to say you don’t understand what you’re talking about. You don’t always need to have a take on everything just because ESPN props you up behind a fancy desk and says, “go.” Woj is only allowed to do this because ESPN is scared to dip their toe into the betting waters because of the Mouse. They see everyone getting rich, so lets get Woj to spin this narrative of fans being assholes because they have KD’s assist over. Fans have been assholes for hundreds of years.

Woj mentions that the Kyrie situation is different, which actually helps disprove his point. It isn’t because people gambled on his point total. It’s because Kyrie was an absolute dick in Boston, and also after he left. He couldn’t be bothered to show up on the bench during playoff games. He led the fanbase to believe that he wanted to re-sign with the infamous, “If they’ll have me,” then did a complete 180 and decided he was going to do “what’s best for my career” by February. Then he stomped on the logo after talking about wanting a cordial series with Boston fans last year. The dude is an asshole. Celtics fans are assholes. And they handled Game 1 the only way they know how, by continuing to be assholes. That’s all bad fan behavior that has nothing to do with sports betting, which isn’t yet legal in Massachusetts anyway.

Back to Woj though, there is zero chance he’s ever gambled a day in his life. He’s never hung out with people who gambled. He probably snitched on anyone to the school board he overheard talking about Bovada and 5Dimes in the dorms. What a loser. Illicit gambling has been around for centuries. Fantasy Football has been around since the 80s. Daily Fantasy is going on like 10 years now. All contests you gamble real money with. Athletes all the time talk about fans telling them they need 14 points to win their matchup that week. Heckling didn’t start because the Supreme Court cleared the way for legal sports betting a few years ago.

But if it was up to Woj and ESPN, they want you to think this Flyers fan went after Tie Domi because he had a Eric Desjardins and John LeClair anytime goal scorer SGP slip:

He wants you to believe the guy who put a shiv in Monica Seles’ back had a future on Steffi Graf to win Wimbledon. And you know he thinks Malice at the Palace never happens if Ben Wallace hits the over on 11.5 rebounds.