Let’s get it back to baseball.

We haven’t done much on the Phillies lately, #1 because Bob is wrapped up in legal sports betting stuff and #2, because the Phils proceeded to stink up the joint on a 2-5 road trip.

But as they return home for a three-game set with the Brewers beginning Friday night, there’s good news on the fanny pack front:

It’s funny because the fanny pack is making a comeback. It previously was stereotyped as some kind of tourist or European accessory, but now you see the people with them strapped around their shoulder or higher up on the body. Not necessarily around the waist, like The Rock in that famous photo from the 1990s. He had the turtle neck and mom jeans combo going on at the same time.

First person to show up at CBP in this get up receives their next slice of Manco and Manco and $14 IPA on me:

photo credit: the person who took this picture of The Rock 30 years ago