Will the Eagles sign Tyrann Mathieu in free agency?

No clue, but Victor Williams tweeted this out earlier, Mathieu responded, and then looked to have deleted the response:

I do not see the response in Mathieu’s feed, so apparently it was indeed axed.

Couple of thoughts here:

  1. Victor is not an Eagles news breaker, but you never know who is talking behind the scenes! All it takes is one good source and you’re on to some shit. Think about it. We’ve got a mystery source we’ve never met who has great information. Joe Santoliquito nailed the Carson Wentz thing. You always gotta be careful before thinking that someone has no idea what they’re talking about.
  2. The thought of Hamilton falling to the Eagles seems crazy, considering that he was mocked top 10 on most boards just last week or the week before. He’s the consensus top safety in the draft.
  3. I’m not sure what to make of Mathieu’s response. Is he just poo-pooing the report? Does him commenting and then deleting mean that talks were indeed taking place? Wonder if an agent got to him and said “yo this doesn’t help us.”

Considering us intrigued. The Honey Badger is out here tweeting and deleting. WHAT DOES IT MEAN?