This doesn’t look like conversing, Kyrie. I thought in March we were preaching conversation, bro?


This is Kyrie Irving. The ultimate, “Do as I say, but not as I do” guy. He’ll tell YOU how to act, but don’t call him on his bullshit when he does the exact opposite. He’ll tell you that he’s not going to pay attention to the extra noise, then makes the entire game about him paying attention to the noise:

“I just want to go in there with a poise and a composure and not pay attention to any of the extra noise. … I’m just going to let the actions speak for themselves and go out and have fun and play competitive basketball.

He didn’t want any trouble with the Boston crowd in the playoffs last year, but stomped on the Celtics logo. Which makes that whole video of me and Kyrie even crazier. I am pound-for-pound the nicest opposing fan to ever talk to Kyrie. And without my minion we don’t get the video evidence. I did everything he asked me to do when I wanted to converse with Ben about his grievance. Or so I thought? I didn’t know every conversation with Kyrie starts off with “suck my dick, bitch“. That’s on me. I should’ve said, “Suck my dick bitch. Ben are we still filing the grievance?” Kyrie wouldn’t have stuck his nose in our business then. We would’ve had this little grievance stuff taken care of. This whole time Kyrie has actually been misunderstood because nobody knew you had to greet him with a, “suck my dick, bitch” before you can start a conversation. Maybe when the Nets asked if he wanted to get the COVID shot it should’ve been, “Suck my dick, bitch. Do you want Pfizer or J&J?” He’s just been confused this whole time.