A.J. Brown Releases Statement About Titans Fans Threatening the Peace

Photo Credit: George Walker IV / Tennessean.com / USA TODAY NETWORK

I didn’t even know this was a thing, but apparently A.J. Brown was supposed to host a football camp in Nashville and pulled out because he was traded to the Eagles. This was the message campers received after Brown was traded:

Seems pretty cut and dry. Shit happens. Sports is a business. A.J. Brown’s team is trying to get a replacement and that replacement looked like it was going to be Derrick Henry, according to Brown’s now-deleted tweet:

Derrick Henry is the greatest replacement you can get. It’s not like we’re talking about Ryan Tannehill or Randy Bullock. The campers are getting the chance to hang out with the best RB in the NFL.

Supposedly that wasn’t enough, because Brown is getting skewered online by people upset he skipped out on the camp and has now released a statement:

In it he mentions he doesn’t want his peace to be “threatened by adults who feel a way because I was traded.” Am I going crazy here? It’s a football camp. The guy was traded. You don’t leave your job in January then come back for a charity event in February because it happened to be on your calendar at the time you gave your two weeks. He got Derrick fucking Henry to fill in. That’s like losing two tickets to an Eagles game in the 300 level and finding two on the ground in the 100 level at the 50-yard line. Everybody in this situation wins. If anything, get mad at the Titans GM, who lowballed A.J. in negotiations.

Also, for those thinking that AJ Brown isn’t participating in the camp because he fears for his safety – He’s actually afraid he’ll stomp someone out if they start talking shit:

I love this dude.

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