Let’s See if we Can Pick Out Every Philadelphia Locale in the New “Hustle” Trailer

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The new Adam Sandler movie “Hustle” is coming out on Netflix June 8th. In it Adam Sandler will play Stanley Sugarman, a scout for your Philadelphia 76ers. It’s a bukkake of Philly in one trailer:

See? I told you. Every shot is another landmark of Philadelphia. Lets see if I can pick out every shot from the trailer:

Sixers practice facility in Camden:


Capitolo Playground across the street from Pats & Genos:


Manor College. Technically this is in Jenkintown, but with it’s proximity to 611 we’ll count it:


The Four Seasons spa on top of the Comcast Technology Center. Don’t ask me how I know this I just do. No further questions at this time:


City Hall/Market St. probably around 16th Street:


Italian Market


Girard College right at the intersection of Girard and Corinthian Ave:


The Wells Fargo Center


This one was the toughest. I think this is Imhotep Charter. I played at Imhotep in a much smaller gym back in high school. So they either got a new school or just hung that Panther banner up for the movie. There was also that video of Adam Sandler playing with Trae Young, Tobias Harris, Boban, and other players in the summer. So I think I’m right. Imhotep Charter. Final Answer:

**UPDATE** Looks like I was wrong about Imhotep Charter. A Coatesville grad reached out to CB and advised us this was actually Coatesville Area High School’s gym. They were shooting scenes there “well over a year ago” according to our source. I would like to apologize to Rip Hamilton and all of the Coatesville basketball alumni for my mistake. 



The Palestra.

I never realized how much The Palestra is built like a stadium in Dusseldorf for a 3rd tier German team:

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There we go 1̶0̶/̶1̶0̶ 9/10. Did I prove I’m 4 for 4 Philly tough? Probably. If I missed something I know the commenters will tell me because I probably forgot to mention their favorite hill in Fairmount Park or something.

There is zero doubt I’m watching this movie. Can I share a little secret with you? I’m pretty good at guessing the plot of movies after seeing the trailer and I think I have this one on lock. Adam Sandler is a struggling NBA scout hoping to coach one day. While in Spain recruiting another prospect that didn’t pan out he spots this a player on a random basketball court that he thinks could be his big break. He tells the Sixers they should invite this guy for a workout and at first they balk, but Sandler’s character finally is able to convince them. He comes to Philly, trains, and looks good until he is thrown into a pick up game with other NBA players and gets dominated; specifically by Anthony Edwards who is the main protagonist. He’s about to quit until Adam Sandler makes some inspired speech and we get a training montage. There’s another pick up game before the NBA Draft and Anthony Edwards is there again. This time Sandler’s draft prospect dominates in front of Sixers brass. The movie ends with the Sixers drafting the guy in the lottery and Adam Sandler quits to go spend more time with his family or he finally gets a head coaching job. Nailed it.