Somebody sent this to me via DM and I watched it five times in a row. It’s about a week old, from the recent AEW stop at the Liacouras Center, and this dude “Max Caster” spit out a freestyle dropping Lia Thomas, Ben Simmons, DJ Pauly D, and Amber Heard in the first four lines:

“Yo listen. Listen. Yo. Yo. The Acclaimed is the best I’m just being honest. I’ll blow this bitch out the water like I’m Lia Thomas. You know my rap’s been hittin. You should have sat on the bench like you Ben Simmons. I’m the guy that you can’t disturb, I’ma have you crapping yourself like Amber Heard. Your girl wishes you were Pauly D, she told us that you have the smallest D.”

Not bad at all, if we’re being honest. Much better than whatever Lil’ Uzi Vert is putting out these days. Better than the autotune/mumble rap doofuses. Max Caster isn’t exactly the second coming of Raekwon the Chef, but the Amber Heard line was a killer and he opened with the two local references. Get this guy a record deal.

Russ, one of our resident pro wrestling aficionados, had this to say:

AEW as a company is less than three years old. Over that time, the company has transitioned from being comprised of stars from Ring Of Honor, New Japan Pro Wrestling, the WWE, and indie promotions into one that will see CM Punk challenge for the World Championship at Double or Nothing at the end of the month. The company’s approach to building stars while snatching up top free agents from other promotions has been a major talking point in the IWC (Internet Wrestling Community) since its inception.

There are few wrestlers in the company more polarizing than Max Caster. Drawing plenty of comparisons to a young John Cena aka The Doctor of Thuganomics, Caster’s mic work got him some work with TMZ last year. He’s so good on the mic, in fact, that even Cena has admitted he couldn’t stand up to the young AEW star. At the same time, Caster has gotten himself in hot water in the past with his raps, including a line about Simone Biles and a since-removed line about Vladimir Putin. But, that’s part of the act, right? Music is art. Art is up for interpretation.

For what it’s worth, Caster did this a year ago when AEW Dynamite was at the Liacouras Center, mentioning Gritty and taking a shot at Ben Simmons. Keep it up, Caster. Everybody loves The Acclaimed.