Angelo Cataldi with his finger on the pulse.

Thursday morning, he brought Baldy on the WIP morning show and gave out his starting offensive line for your 2022 Philadelphia Eagles:

It is my pleasure to transcribe a portion of this exchange:

Cataldi: Brian you have just annoyed me. And I can’t believe this because I have nothing but respect for your analysis of offensive linemen. You were a damn good one yourself. I don’t even have Seumalo in my starting lineup.

Rhea Hughes: You don’t like him.

Cataldi: I’ve got Mailata, next to him I’ve got Dickinson –

Baldy: Dickerson.

Cataldi: – I’ve got Kelce, I’ve got Brooks and I’ve got Johnson. I think I’ve got a phenomenal line.


Way to keep up with the roster moves, Angelo. Brandon Brooks retired four months ago. He did a press conference and took out a full-page Inquirer add to thank pretty much everybody. And it’s Landon Dickerson, not “Dickinson,” which is fine. We all flub last names from time to time, especially WIP callers who say Nelson “Aguilar” and Asante “Samuels” and Alshon “Jefferies.” Maybe Angelo was listening to Iron Maiden on his commute and enjoying the great Bruce Dickinson and had a Freudian Slip. It happens!

Angelo has been going through the motions for 10+ years now but retirement is only a few months away. I’ll throw him a bone. If I did 30-some-odd years of fake outrage while having to listen to angry Eagles fans for four hours a day, I’d probably be phoning it in. I’d be depleted of brain cells.