Another Dagger: Jimmy Butler Still Loves Joel Embiid and Wishes He was on His Team

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

After Jimmy Butler dropped 32 points in a Game 6 elimination of the Sixers on Thursday night, he saved another dagger:

A lot of people shared this clip on social and fudged the context. Notice how he says he still wishes he was on Joel’s team, instead of saying something like “I still wish I was playing here.” It was always about playing with Joel, not necessarily about playing for the Sixers. Plus, he immediately followed up the Embiid line by saying “I definitely love the Miami Heat though man, I’m glad that I’m here.”

Listening to that is probably a trigger for anybody who is still irked by Butler leaving in 2019, and Ben Simmons staying. That said, I didn’t really understand this from Jimmy:

Maybe I’m not remembering the whole thing clearly, because everything with the Sixers puts you in a hazy fog, but this was never a Butler vs. Harris thing. The conflict, we were told, was always about Jimmy vs. Ben Simmons and Brett Brown, by extension. Harris was give his 5 years, $180 million after the Butler situation was settled, with Jimmy going to Miami in the sign-and-trade for Josh Richardson, so I’m not sure why Butler would be naming Harris here.

Say what you will about Jimmy, who can be a dick, but he tells it how it is and has that killer instinct and dog attitude that the Sixers are missing. He’s a dog. P.J. Tucker is a dog. There are dogs on the Miami bench. The Sixers need dogs. Get at me dog. Grrr, arf arf.