Michael Blackson is a Sixers fan and comedian. You probably have seen him courtside at a Sixers game wearing the brightest outfits imaginable. He was a guest on Shannon Sharpe’s podcast Club Shay Shay Monday where he told the story of Ben Simmons sliding into his fiance’s DMs while he was with her:

Michael Blackson after finding out Ben Simmons is a no good dirty rotten MODASUCKA:

via @JaMorant on Twitter

There’s nothing worse you can do to a friend than try to fuck his girlfriend. It is number one on the rules of Guy Code, “Thou must not try to get with thy buddy’s girl.” We all had that friend in college who you couldn’t trust around your girlfriend or the girl you were talking to at a bar. If she was hot this guy would be watching you both like a hawk. Just waiting to pounce like a lion in the Serengeti. The minute you turned your back to get her a drink he’d swoop in and it’d be curtains. He wouldn’t do it to just you, but the entire friend group. That guy suckssssss. If you are reading this and you have that guy in your crew kick him out immediately. That dude is selfish. Chances are he brings nothing to the group other than being rich and having a shore house. Trust me, you’ll be just fine those three months of summer not going out on his dad’s boat. Because the opportunity cost is that he continues to do everything that is best for him.

Now are we shocked this is Ben Simmons M.O? Absolutely not. The guy just spent the last year blaming everything on everyone else. If he responded to this he’d probably say he was hacked or a friend took his phone and DM’d his girl. Ben Simmons knows as much about accountability as I know about Michael Blackson’s comedy.