Mikey Miss teased an announcement Tuesday afternoon, and he is done at 97.5 the Fanatic.

Here’s part of what he said:


“It’s difficult to get this out because it seems so surreal, but this is my last day as host of The Mike Missanelli Show. My current contract expires in a couple of weeks and the company and I decided to go in another direction. This is like the guy who comes into Bull Durham and they go ‘the organization wants to make a change.’ Well that’s what’s going on. The station and I are talking about me remaining with the company in some kind of a role, but who knows. What I can tell you is they already have a replacement show under contract and I’m sure you’ll be hearing about that in the next few days.”

Mike got really emotional after saying that. Some noticeable breaks in his delivery. I’ll try to get the rest of it uploaded when I can, but the show doesn’t go up in podcast format until later.

First off, I will say this was really buttoned up. I tried to sniff this out and contacted like seven people Tuesday morning and they didn’t have the story, which tells me that this was definitely a late-developing Mike + Beasley thing. Nothing got out, so good job by the people over there to keep it quiet (or maybe they had zero clue what was going on).

As we reported previously, Mike had wrapped up a one-year contract last year and then agreed to a short-term extension in December of 2021. The way this was explained to us is that the ball was in Mike’s court. Beasley was amenable to working with Mike and extending him again and coming up with a new arrangement, but they were sort of waiting on Mike to tell them what he wanted to do. Mike has dabbled in different things over the years, and he has his website and did a cooking show and loves wine and golf and all of that, so you wonder how much his heart was really in sports talk radio. He’s a veteran and has done it for so long, so if he wasn’t feeling it anymore, I can’t blame him at all. At least now he can do what he wants and doesn’t have to listen to Tony from Marlton share his dumbass Eagles opinion.

From a Beasley perspective, sticking with Mike was always wise, right? Even if ratings slipped a little bit in the afternoon Mike was always their most well-known personality over there and was good with sponsors. That show would make money for Beasley even if numbers weren’t fantastic. So it’s a pretty significant shift when you consider that Mike was pretty much the main anchor, main talent piece over there when the Fanatic started on FM almost 15 years ago now. Definitely the changing of the guard for that station.

More info coming soon. I don’t know who the replacements are going to be. I’ve heard they like Hunter Brody but I have no clue if he’s in line to do a major daypart. We’ll see.


Russ clipped some more video:

EDIT 2 –

Isn’t it shitty how sometimes in this business you’re out, just like that? Ray Didinger got a nice send off and picked a final date and all of that. Angelo is doing the Coach K victory tour. But the way Mike’s situation turned out, it’s like one day you’re here, next day you’re not. That’s pretty lame. You would have liked to see it be more of a celebratory thing, but sometimes it just doesn’t work that way.

EDIT 3 –

I’m told Gonzo does not hate Mikey Miss. Correction for the record!

EDIT 4 –

Rob Tornoe at the Inquirer says – “At least for right now, NBC Sports Philadelphia will continue to simulcast the show, according to a source at the network.”