Charles Barkley Really Wanted to Clobber these Golden State Fans

from TNT

Can’t get enough of Charles Barkley.

Thursday night in the Bay Area he was ready to jump into the crowd and throw hands:

“Sit down, Chuck”


The background here is that Chuck has extensively ripped Warriors fans over the last week or so. He said he “hates” the fans because they’re “obnoxious” and wanted the Mavericks to win the Western Conference Finals. That was back on May 20th, but the real kicker was when he called San Fran dirty and really went in:

I cannot corroborate because I’ve never been to San Francisco proper. I did a portion of the Pacific Coast Highway that went up to Santa Cruz, which was gnarly (put it on your bucket list), but cannot comment on the homelessness situation and dirtiness that Sir Charles is alleging.

Regardless, he’s always going to speak his mind, which is appreciated whether he’s right or wrong. Please never censor this man. And the Warriors are probably going to win it all, so unfortunately he’s in for more from their fans. TNT may have to restrain Chuck and put him in the bubble wrap that Shaq wore:

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