Chris Simms has to be Trolling Us with His QB Ranking at this Point, Right?

via @SNFonNBC on Twitter

I’m an idiot for falling into Chris Simms’ trap, but he has to be trolling right? He definitely had Daniel Jones behind Jalen Hurts originally, but NBC told him he had to switch them so the entire city of Philly would erupt and talk about it for 48 hours.

Well played:

There is no chance Chris Simms believes Daniel Jones is better than Jalen Hurts. I was actually watching Good Morning Football while writing this blog and this graphic popped up on the screen:

via GMFB


In no world is Daniel Jones better than Jalen Hurts. If you want to watch the 14-minute video explaining Simms’ decision it’s basically just excuse after excuse for Daniel Jones wrapped around “the Giants suck!

Or, you could use your eyeballs and think Hurts has already had more success in one season than Jones has in his entire career. Jones was the sixth overall pick and the Giants won’t pick up his fifth year option. He had TEN touchdowns and seven interceptions last year. He’s never played 16 games in a season. His small hands are incapable of holding onto the ball and he makes decisions like this:

I’m not a big Jalen Hurts guy, but come on. Unless the criteria was ranked based on pocket passing and deep balls this makes zero sense. Defenses actually have to game plan for Jalen Hurts through the air and on the ground:


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