Danny Green Goes IN on Patrick Beverley, Talks About Sixers Not Being Mentally Tough Enough

via Inside the Green Room podcast

Danny Green got some frustration out in a healthy way on his podcast after tearing his ACL before the Sixers crashed out of the playoffs.

He focused it all on Pat Beverley:


I love Pat Bev and respect Chris Paul enough that I have no dog in the fight. I just love entertainment and Beverley has brought that on ESPN these last couple of days. BUT get Pat Bev on the Sixers, we need some dog and somebody with some mental toughness who won’t wilt during the playoffs. Danny Green touched on the Sixers’ lack of mental toughness in the Heat series:

I wonder what maturing Danny is talking about when he references Joel? The guy is 29 next year. I’m not going to sit here and tell you I’m the golden standard for maturity at 29, but I also don’t have a kid and have an entire franchise on my back. I don’t think it’s out of line to say Embiid probably should be more mature at this point in his life than Danny alludes to him being.

Also – I’m over the young and inexperienced narrative every year when the Sixers lose in the 2nd round. Everyone went through COVID and everyone had injuries or disgruntled players. Hell, Jimmy Butler wanted to fight Erik Spoelstra and Udonis Haslem right before the playoffs. It was one of the craziest player/coach confrontations in the last 20 years. Now they’re in the conference finals going on 22-2 runs to start the 3rd quarter against the Celtics after playing like shit in the 1st half.

Here’s Part 2 of Danny Green’s answer:

So you’re telling me Danny Green knew about the maturity issues of the Sixers when he got traded a couple weeks before the 2020 season started? Enough that he could tell Doc there was a lot to change? That’s interesting. How much has Doc really changed? Maybe off the court behind the scenes stuff we don’t see, but not much on the court looks different from his first and second year.

Danny Green also talked about his ACL injury, he’s not retiring until people target him on defense, and he’ll be back before the All-Star Break:

He’s also not had a conversation with Daryl Morey yet about his contract as he’s due $10 million on July 1st: