Daryl Morey Says Doc Rivers is Coming Back Next Season

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Terrible news on a Friday:

Our only hope is that the dopey Lakers come calling and take Doc off our hands. Four team trade! Who says no? –

  • Lakers get: Doc Rivers
  • Ravens get: Jalen Reagor
  • Eagles get: a 6th round draft pick and a bag of balls
  • Sixers get: cash considerations

Then you go out and elevate Sam Cassell or find another assistant who wants to win instead of lecture fans and media and tell us how great he was more than 15 years ago. See ya Doc. Maybe we pull a Howard Eskin and start calling him “Glenn” instead. It’s petty, but probably warranted at this point. And don’t give me the “who are you going to replace him with?” garbage line. There are a hundred people you can replace Doc with. You and I both know they aren’t winning a title with him in charge.

I’ll be 100% honest – this Doc Rivers shit is sucking the life out of me. It’s rendered me lifeless and devoid of energy. I no longer have the will to write snarky blog posts. I may apply for short term disability. I may call it a day and fire up the Playstation 5. Don’t tell my bosses.