David Dodge gave the only interview I’ve seen about falling asleep courtside at the Sixers game to Dave Uram of Audacy. He denied he was drunk and blamed the snoozing on flying back from Atlanta, getting to bed at 1 a.m., his daughter’s early soccer game, and eating a little too much at Mother’s Day brunch. He wants you to know he wasn’t drunk, it was just a catnap:

As always, the Internet will get to the bottom of the story. There’s video of what looks like David Dodge stumbling out of the arena with help from a Sixers usher:

If this was David Dodge after a “catnap,” this was one hell of a catnap. One of those deep ones you take in the afternoon after a college final and you wake up wondering what year it is.

The only thing I question is why lie? You’re a car salesman. Last time I checked, car salesmen don’t necessarily have the reputation of the Pope. Who doesn’t want their car guy going out and getting a little boozed up with the fellas on a Sunday night during Game 4? I know I was up in the cheap seats. I’m not going to get mad at a guy for taking advantage of the free booze. Why else pay all that money to become a partner with the Sixers if you’re not going to cash in on the rewards? If you are going to lie, at least cut off the wristband the Sixers give you for all the free shit. David Dodge over here looking like the rave kid in college who wears all his bracelets from every EDM show he goes too:

via @mruram on twitter

P.S. I’m stealing “I can play for long periods of time” every time I plan on getting tanked from now on.