Did the “Let’s Go to the Phones” Boys Procure the Full Eagles Schedule? (Update – Shout Out Rhea Hughes)

Today is the worst day in sports talk radio. There are many, but this one is absolutely the worst. It’s when the Eagles schedule comes out and hosts go game-by-game through the slate and predict their wins and losses.

By the way, I’ve got ’em going 15-2! Super Bowl baby!

We know the Birds are playing on Monday night in week 2 at home, but leaks have been scarce otherwise. Jeff McLane is reporting Detroit in Week 1 and Dallas on Christmas Eve. However, Let’s Go to the Phones has an amazing source. They broke the Fletcher Cox news, and so I trust Uncle Coggin, Co-host Chris, and Producer Pat when they share this information:

Looks legit to me!

If LGTTP has this right, then they are 2 for 2 over the last couple of months. A 100% track record!

Let’s Go to the Phones is a name you can trust, and if this schedule is wrong I’ll delete the post and deny that it was ever published in the first place.

EDIT – Rhea Hughes is a real one:

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