Doc Rivers on the MVP Race: “Analytic-Driven Society, World is Out of Control at Times”

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Doc Rivers was asked about Joel Embiid losing the MVP race:

“Watch the dang game and decide.”

Doc Rivers. A known proponent of the eye test.

You think Doc has ever relied on a calculator to do his job? Absolutely not, for better or worse. No T-9 calculator would tell you to play DeAndre Jordan over Paul Reed early in the series. No T-9 has ever won a basketball argument, though. A T-9 would come up with a stat like VORP once it realized it was losing that argument. That’s why most people in the world stop using calculators after high school, but everyone continues to use their eyeballs. Let that sink in.

P.S. You done fucked up now NBA: