Eagles Get Monday Night Football Slot in Week 2

via @NFL on Twitter

Home opener against the Vikings on Monday Night Football? Sign me the hell up! The NFL schedule release is set for Thursday, but the league gave us a little bit of a bump to hold us over until then:

We all know what happened the last time the Eagles played the Vikings at the Linc under a second-year head coach:

I love a good MNF doubleheader, but why are these games only 75 minutes apart? I want to watch every football game I can possibly get my hands on without spending money on the Ticket. Stagger these out. It makes zero sense for ESPN and ABC to compete against each other when they’re under the same umbrella. They’re probably doing a Manningcast too, which will take away from Joe Buck and Troy Aikman. I don’t know. I’m all for more MNF doubleheaders, but lets do one east coast and one west coast matchup. You have us by the balls Roger. We will stay up and watch.

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