Eagles Super Fan Wants an Apology from Angelo Cataldi

Jamie Pagliei's Facebook profile picture

While on vacation, Coggin had me covered with that story about the Eagles shoulder pad guy, aka Shaun Young, who alleged that the Eagles asked him to “step down” last summer. The story ended with an amicable resolution via somebody in the Birds organization, who contacted Young and clarified that there was no official team movement to push him toward hanging up the shoulder pads.

The goofy thing in all of this is that there’s another shoulder pad guy out there. A doppelganger! His name is Jamie Pagliei, and you saw him at the NFL Draft last week. Young and Pagliei are totally cool, and there’s no beef between the two, but the latter came out with a Facebook statement to clear up any lingering confusion, while ripping Angelo Cataldi at the same time.

Writes Pagliei:

First off, I would like to thank the Philadelphia Eagles for allowing me to be a part of the NFL Draft’s inner circle. It is truly amazing to be a representative of the Philadelphia Eagles during such a public setting and my hopes are that they feel I was able to represent their organization and the fan base well. I take both very seriously and it is important to me that the fans, the team, and the city are always shown in the best light, but still with a witty edge.

Secondly, I would like to publicly thank Shaun Young for all he has done for the Eagles and myself. Knowing that doing this is not everyone’s cup of tea, and how some of the haters will be louder than the supporters, to have the longevity that you have had, along with remaining a very positive influence in the community is not only commendable, but also inspirational. Although our paths have only crossed briefly before now, it’s the foundation that you have built that has allowed me to be that passionate fan that I am currently. We are brothers in Green and that will never change.

Lastly, I want to address the “discussion” I had with Angelo Cataldi and The WIP Morning Show on 94 WIP Monday morning. I appreciate what you (Angelo) have been able to accomplish with your time in Philadelphia, and that you are the “voice” of morning sports in this city. That being said, I do not deserve the berating you chose to give me on the radio Monday. I received my jersey in 2003 as a prize (a game worn jersey) from the Eagles for winning an obstacle course at the Eagles Carnival that summer. When the Eagles called me to ask what I would like on the back (because Hasselbeck was cut) I came up with the only name at that time I knew the Eagles would never trade, my own! So I will not relinquish my number 11, and although Wentz wore my number, so have Norm Van Broklin (sic), Jeff Blake, Josh Huff, along with 19 other players throughout the years and soon to be AJ Brown. I feel the comments you made about me (without knowing the first thing about me) just because I chose to wear my number were out of line and I request a public apology. I have only represented Philly as a fan that tries to change the public perception of Philly fans everywhere and your voice being heard by many, publicly shamed me. I am a Navy veteran, I am a member of this community, and I also have children of age that hear when someone is calling their father “Jackass Jamie” for doing what I love to do, supporting my city and team! That is not the example I am trying to lead, and that is not what I want from my city. You are a major part of the fabric of this city and to be publicly “crusaded” against just because of a number is absolutely wrong. I will not be bullied by anyone, and I will stand up against any type of bullying because that is some of the values I want to instill in my children. I am not demanding an apology, because I do not tell people what they should or should not do, but I am requesting one. I am not a perfect guy, but I bring it every play, of every game, all day, just like many other hard working Philadelphians, and think I deserve that apology. If you feel you do not need to give me one, there are no hard feelings. I wish you the best moving forward and hope for a long and fruitful retirement.

I will always love Philly and all of its sports teams, and there is nothing that anyone ever is going to do or say to change that!

Now I have to admit that (mercifully) I did not hear the discussion with Angelo, and Audacy does not archive full shows, so if you miss the 24 hour stream window, you’re out of luck. Using context clues here, and knowing what we know about Cataldi, he was probably being facetious and a dope at the same time while putting on his typical morning show performance. I’m 99.9% sure he does not think that Pagliei is “jackass” because he doesn’t care about anything other than going through the motions while fooling his listeners into believing that he actually gives a shit about Philadelphia sports in 2022. The guy is retiring at the end of the year and his routine has lasted longer than Celine Dion’s seemingly infinite residency at Caesar’s Palace out in Vegas.

Without knowing all of the details of the story, I’m going to side with Pagliei. Angelo should apologize! We demand an apology.