Eagles Were Apparently “Involved” in Nick Foles’ Free Agency

Nick Foles signed with the Colts, however:

Not sure what “involved in” means. Did they have serious talks? Did they speak on the phone for 30 seconds? Maybe we’ll find out more soon, but Nick coming back here never made sense on multiple fronts.

In 2019 and 2020 the Eagles were still committed to Carson Wentz, so there was no point of bringing back Nick to be a backup again. He had a deserved starting gig and big contract in Jacksonville anyway. And then when Nick went to Chicago you would have had to trade for him, so you weren’t giving up assets for a guy who was going to sit behind Jalen Hurts. The Eagles instead pulled off a dirt cheap steal for Gardner Minshew, who took Nick’s job in Jacksonville, and Nick worked his way through the QB shuffle in Chicago.

From a storyline perspective, Nick Foles part 3 would have been nice. He could come here and play a Josh McCown type of role and just mentor some of the other guys, but Minshew is still in place and Indy made more sense anyway. Reunited with Frank Reich, backup for Matt Ryan, etc. There’s some irony in the fact that he’s going to the Colts after Carson was shipped out to Washington.