Not sure I can blame them, but it’s still a cold slap of reality to see it on paper.

ESPN’s NBA experts shared their predictions on how each of the second round playoffs matchups would end, and all 19 experts selected the Heat to advance to the Eastern Conference Finals.

OH COME ON. That’s a LOT of Heat in 5 or 6 predictions for my liking. Couldn’t they at least have asked Kevin Negandhi his thoughts on the series? You know damned well Negandhi has convinced himself like every other delusional Philadelphia fan that the 76ers will somehow come out victorious over the top-seed Heat without the services of Joel Embiid in at least the first two games.

You steal one game in Miami and suddenly it’s a series, baby! It’s just that simple! At least Ramona Shelburne and Jorge Sedano were gracious enough to have the Sixers go down swinging in Game 7.

To be fair, the only series that the experts were split on was Boston and Milwaukee, with 14 experts declaring Boston the victor and six declaring Milwaukee the eventual winner. All 20 predicted the Warriors and Suns would advance to the Western Conference finals.

They’ll see. THEY’LL ALL SEE! THEY’LL ALL BE SORRY! James Harden and Tyrese Maxey pester the Heat into a loss for the first game, they split in South Beach, and Embiid rises like a phoenix out of the ashes for Game 3 and the Sixers roll. IT’S JUST THAT EASY. In fact, the more I type it out the more I think it actually happens.

SIXERS IN 6. SIXERS IN 6. SIXERS IN 6. Repeat it like a mantra and we’ll all be ok.

Please keep this ESPN list handy when the Sixers win in 6 and you need to rub someone’s nose in their old prediction.


Negandhi has spoken. Sixers in 6.