Flyers Headed for Stanley Cup Finals after Re-Signing Nick Seeler

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The Chuck Fletcher redemption tour begins now:

We are going to the Stanley Cup finals with Nick Seeler, Risto, Coots, a healthy Ryan Ellis, and a rejuvenated and refocused Ivan Provorov. All we need to do now is re-sign Keith Yandle and Zach MacEwen and the Eastern Conference is officially put on notice.

Pithy sarcasm aside, Seeler is 7th D guy on a minimum contract, so it’s not a huge deal.

Here’s what Russ has to say:

Nick Seeler is at best a 7th defenseman in the NHL. In theory, it’s an acceptable signing in that the Flyers could send him down to the AHL, at which point his money wouldn’t count against the cap. The team knows what they have in the guy, but the hope if you’re a Flyers fan is that Chuck Fletcher won’t wait until the end of the off-season to dumpster dive for a 6th defenseman. Doing so runs you into the same desperate situation where you talk yourself into a turnstile like Keith Yandle just ahead of camp. That simply cannot happen ahead of next season, regardless of whether this team opts to sell themselves as a Cup contender or embraces the reality that they’ll be a mediocre-at-best team. That, of course, assumes that Barry Trotz isn’t the next head coach. If he is, that potentially changes everything, including how to view this move.

We need Trotz. We want Trotz. Back up the Brinks truck. Give him the blank checkbook. Get it done. DO THE DEAL.