Giants Release James Bradberry, Oh My God Should the Eagles Sign Him?

Photo Credit: Mike Dinovo-USA TODAY Sports

NFC East news:

Oh my God should the Eagles sign him?

Not sure. Bradberry was alright last season, but they absolutely need a CB2 on the other side of Darius Slay. Bradberry is a bona fide CB 1 in the right system, and in reality probably straddles the CB1/CB2 line, but if they snagged him in addition to Slay it would be a top tier pairing.

The first concern is money. Right now the Birds have $10.1 million in free cap space, according to Over the Cap. They still need a safety in addition to a corner, so it seems like that money might be earmarked for a couple of one-year deals as they kick the can down the road and try to move on from a portion of their current $36 million in dead cap. Slay hits the cap around 10 million and there’s plenty invested in the trenches. A lot of the roster making for next season and beyond looks to be predicated on seeing if any of the youth in the defensive backfield pans out.

One thing that’s intriguing is that experts seem to agree that Bradberry is so much better playing zone vs. man. Jonathan Gannon used a lot of conservative cover 2 last season, but with the drafting of Jordan Davis and addition of Haason Reddick, it really looks like the Eagles are going to play a 3-4 base defense in 2022. Nobody really knows exactly what it’s going to look like, and so that makes it a guessing game in terms of what the secondary should look like in a completed Gannon system.

Should the Eagles #DoTheDeal? Will we inevitably see the report that they “made a strong push,” but fell short? Only time will tell! Regardless, Dave Gettleman kind of dicked Joe Schoen with the Giants’ cap, so that’s a win for the Eagles.