Alright a lot to unpack here. Gilbert Arenas on The No Chill show said Elton Brand asked him about Doc Rivers before he hired him. Arenas told him that “Doc was going to ruin that team and Ben Simmons was going to be out of there, because Doc doesn’t know how to coach him.” – 

First off, can we get some sound panels in that room? You can hear what he’s saying 10 seconds later because the words are reverberating off of the wall.

Second, Elton Brand actually asking Gilbert Arenas’ opinion on a coaching search is hilarious. I don’t disagree with what he said about Doc, but when he said Elton asked him because “he’d do the research” I almost laughed out loud how much he contradicted himself. In the beginning he didn’t even know Doc Rivers was being considered for the Lakers role. It’s one of the biggest stories in the NBA right now. How can you talk about the NBA and not know who’s being considered for the Lakers? What is Gil’s research? Look in his phonebook and call someone who’s played for the coach before? If Elton Brand actually took Gilbert Arenas’ advice we’re more fucked than I originally thought.


Kinkead: Does anybody remember that guy Javier Arenas who used to play for Alabama? Verne Lundquist would call him “Gilbert Arenas” at least once per game. It was hilarious.