This video baffled me for a number of reasons. A dad and his kid were at the Phillies/Dodgers game on Friday night. His son was trying to get a ball from Cody Bellinger for 9 innings. Cody finally threw him one in the 9th, the kid misplayed it, and some animal grabbed it and celebrated right in the kid’s face:

What a family of mongrels. There can’t be anyone under 20 that guy is giving this ball to unless you count his girlfriend next to him. I know what a divorced dad looks like, and leaving the house in a lime green Oakley shirt, jeans, and Vans screams “I get the kids every other week.” What was this guy gonna do with the ball, give it to Moby? –

The worst part about lime green dad was he didn’t even have the stones to look the kid in the eye. How up your own ass do you have to be to not even realize a kid’s been screaming for a ball for the last three hours?

Screw this dude’s son for rallying him on with a, “Dad get it!” and clapping right in the kid’s grill. It took one look to know this guy was rush chair and took intramural sports way too seriously:

And don’t think the kid’s dad who dropped it is off the hook. Buddy have some pride. All you could do was let out a whimper. Put the phone down and back up your kid. I’m not saying fight the guy, but a “that’s for him” isn’t going to do it. Your boy has been giving himself an aneurysm for nine innings. Go get the ball and stop ratting to the Phillies and Dodgers on Twitter.

And what are you quoting your kid here? You’re tweeting out statements from your kid in the back of the car on the drive home? Who are you, fucking Jeff Passan?

“Hey Jack – tough one out there today. How did you feel after making an error on Bellinger’s ball in the 9th?”

But if you didn’t think dad could get any worse, here comes the privilege card to make sure he let’s everyone know how fortunate they are just to be in this position:

Dude we get it. You’re sitting front row in the outfield. Your Twitter bio says you work for Google. You have money. I’m sure you put gas in your car to get to the game. Did you tweet how privileged you were to do that? You’re probably going to have breakfast, lunch and dinner tonight. Are you gonna use 280 characters to tell everyone about that before you go to bed tonight? Your kid misjudged a ball in the outfield, that’s it. It’s not time for Etan to unnecessarily tell everyone how guilty he feels to even have the chance to be in that moment. Less time feeling guilty, more time playing catch with your son. And now because of you, in an all time upset, I think I’m on the side of Lime green dad and his family of mongrels.

P.S. The only guy who gets a pass is Seth Rogen. This dude is so high he has no idea what’s going on. All he’s thinking about is how he’s going to convince everyone in the car they should stop for ice cream on the way home: