“I Think I Do a Terrific Job” – Doc Rivers After Another Second Round Exit

USA Today Sports

The Sixers lost in sad fashion on Thursday night, so obviously Howard Eskin would ask Doc Rivers his series of questions, starting with the tried and true “how about your job security?” query:

Hilarious exchange!


  1. Doc thinks he did a terrific job, eh? Well they were very competitive during the Ben Simmons nonsense, so we should give him credit for that! Tyrese Maxey turned into a stud in year two. There’s a lot that Doc really truly does deserve credit for, but what is it with these condescending exchanges with the media? I get that it’s Howard Eskin, and we’re all for somebody clowning Howard, but Doc actually makes me want to take Eskin’s side for the first time ever because he just comes off as such a pompous ass. You just crashed out of the playoffs again! Try some humility for once. It’s like you’re the almighty basketball deity and we’re mere mortals, not worthy of being in your presence.
  2. Doc telling Howard to “write it” is incredible because Howard hasn’t written anything in at least 40 years. He’s a talking radio head who doesn’t even know how to use his phone properly, let alone write out a cohesive article for the 94 WIP website.
  3. “No one picked us to be anywhere” is incredibly myopic and just flat out incorrect. Doc inherited two All-Stars and Tobias Harris. Expectations were high! What the hell is he talking about? It’s like he’s protecting himself with this fake news shield about elevating some nothing team. It’s a fallacy and it’s phony.

No more Doc. He’s gotta go. I can’t do another condescending press conference routine. The lack of self-awareness is absurd. For the first time in my life, I support Howard “The King” Eskin.