Javon Kinlaw Goes Nuclear on 49ers Reporter During YouTube Show

via Cohn's YouTube show

Crazy story out of Santa Clara!

Defensive Tackle Javon Kinlaw went on Niners reporter Grant Cohn’s show and went absolutely nuclear. This would be like Fletcher Cox going on Birds With Friends and undressing Bo Wulf or Zach Berman. According to Cohn at OTAs Tuesday, Kinlaw came out of the training room, walked 70 yards over to him, stood behind him, called him a “Bitch ass N-word”, and knocked his hat off. He broke it all down here:

You can tell from the video that Cohn gets off on this shit. He screams pest. He was the 5’8 point guard in high school who couldn’t play a lick, but frustrated you enough to take you out of your game. Like a gnat that won’t stop buzzing in your ear. If I had to put a Philly spin on it, it’s probably Howard Eskin being born 50 years later and starting a YouTube show.

Tuesday night, Kinlaw went on Cohn’s YouTube show and explained his side of the story, saying he didn’t come at Cohn in “a cowardly way”. Then all hell started to break loose. Kinlaw went absolutely ballistic telling him to “Shut the fuck up” and that he is “Not the one” while impressively not choking on a mouthful of food:

Unfortunately, all this does for Kinlaw is make him look like an asshole, which then causes Cohn’s YouTube subs to shoot up. It’s a lose/lose situation even if it feels like Cohn has had it out for Kinlaw since he was drafted. I don’t know how the Niners don’t take away this guy’s credential: