John Kincade Hammers “Asshat” Toronto Broadcasters

Photo Credit: Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

I’m down here in Florida on a half-vacation, so I never really dove into the Pascal Siakam/Joel Embiid thing. Who deserves the blame for the broken orbital? To me it seemed like a dumb confluence of avoidable things, and here we are ready to start the Sixers/Heat series sans Philadelphia’s best player.

I’ll defer to John Kincade, who shared his thoughts on the “asshat” Toronto broadcasters:

Agree with this. Think about reversing this. Imagine if Siakam did an airplane and Embiid came down and smashed him with a Jon Jones elbow on the ensuing play. Could you imagine Tom McGinnis, Mark Zumoff, Kate Scott, Alaa Abdelnaby, Merrill Reese, Jim Jackson, etc endorsing a cheap shot because they think an opponent deserved it? A portion of scumbag Philly fans would obviously cheer, but our broadcasters are professionals, and would never stoop that low. This isn’t the same as your uncle watching a game at Connie Mack stadium and asking for Johnny Two Seams to plunk Stevie the Bat because the latter broke the unwritten rules of baseball. These are professional broadcasters justifying some cornball retaliation.

Anyway, good rant from Kincade. It’s edited and spliced together for brevity, but you get the gist. “We the North” my butt. Raptors fans climbed higher on the shit list after that series. Enjoy watching the Leafs go out in the first round again. The Flyers will win the Stanley Cup before the Leafs do. For real.