Lawsuit Demands that Giants and Jets Drop “New York” from their Names

Michael Karas/ via Imagn Content Services, LLC Tailgating At Giants Vs Jets Preseason Game

As you know, the New York Giants and New York Jets don’t even play in New York. They play in New Jersey. That’s the topic of a lawsuit filed by a couple of fans who believe this amounts to some form of false advertising, via Rich Calder at The New York Post:

A pair of New York football fans have called an audible in their pie-the-sky $6 billion class-action lawsuit against the Jets, Giants and the National Football League.

They’ve amended their suit that initially demanded both teams pack their pads and leave the Garden State for the Big Apple.

Now they’re making a slightly more manageable request — the teams can stay in New Jersey but must dump “New York” from their names.

I love it. This is a great idea. The Jets and Giants will henceforth be known as the New Jersey Jets and New Jersey Giants. It only makes sense because these bastards practice in NJ and play in NJ and yet have the audacity to call themselves New York Teams. They haven’t played in New York in decades! It’s outrageous.

We have this geographical spat every so often. Some dickhead will say something like the “The Philadelphia Union don’t play in Philadelphia, hur dur,” as a derogatory thing. Then we point out that the Jets and Giants don’t play in New York, which is same situation as a ton of teams that go by the metropolitan area they represent, even if their physical stadium locations are in different places.

If we filed this lawsuit across the United States, and it was actually successful (it won’t be) we’d end up with:

  • the Chester Union
  • the Santa Clara 49ers
  • the Cobb County Braves
  • the St. Petersburg Rays
  • the Inglewood Rams and Inglewood Chargers
  • the Paradise Raiders
  • the Orchard Park Bills
  • the Arlington Cowboys
  • the Landover Commanders
  • the Harrison Red Bulls

So on and so forth. Most teams play in the same state as the mismatching city moniker, but in the case of the Jets and Giants, there is cross-state misrepresentation.

More from the story:

Plaintiffs Abdiell Suero and Maggie Wilkins insist they were duped by false advertising and other fraudulent deceptive practices into believing the Giants and Jets still played in New York and shelled out some significant green to see Blue Blue and Gang Green play at MetLife Stadium.

Suero, who describes himself as an avid football fan, told The Post he was shocked a few years back when he found out his beloved Giants actually called East Rutherford, NJ, home. By then it was too late because he had already bought tickets.

Nevermind, these two are idiots, or just trolling for fun. What kind of “avid football fan” doesn’t know that Metlife is in New Jersey? What a dope! This lawsuit is gonna get pulled faster than Jake Arrieta during one of his Phillies starts.

Good morning.