This clip is only recently circulating on social media, but it appears to date back to Saturday if I have that correct.

Regardless, Michael Irvin is out of his damn mind and needs to slow it down:


“…a Philadelphia dynasty. They’ve got such great young talent and you’ve the physicalness (sic) of A.J. Brown on one side and the speed of DeVonta Smith on the other. I’m telling you right now, the Philadelphia Eagles, and the schedule plays out right, they could be 5-0 getting ready to go into that Week 6 game against the Dallas Cowboys. They can win those first five games easy.”

We love the optimism but even the fanboy Eagles Twitter accounts are asking Irvin to hold up a second. Let’s pretend he never used the word “dynasty.” It triggers my Vince Young PTSD, when the cart was placed squarely in front of the horse and the “Dream Team” ended up going 4-12. We can’t get ahead of ourselves in mid-May, talking about starting 5-0 and all of that. A.J. Brown has played a grand total of zero Eagles games. Jalen Hurts has a lot to prove. There’s a trip up in there somewhere.

Maybe this is just Michael Irvin doing some kind of reverse psychology in an attempt to hex the Birds. Pigskin voodoo, like a grotesque and Drake-inspired curse. A former Eagle rival is going to pump up the Birds in hopes of jinxing it and damning us to a 7-10 season, or worse.

Michael Irvin cannot be trusted!