So a few months ago T.O., who did not partake in the Eagles reunion of sorts at this week’s Brian Dawkins golf outing, decided to un-retire. He joined the Fan Controlled Football League at age 48 and even caught a TD pass.

Michael Vick saw how fun that looked and decided to join the party, according to TMZ Sports:

The NFL legend is pulling out his cleats again and will play in a Fan Controlled Football game later this month, TMZ Sports has confirmed with league sources.

The 41-year-old four-time Pro Bowler hasn’t played since the 2015 season — officially retiring in 2017 — but we’re told after seeing the success Terrell Owens had in the league earlier this year, MV decided to make a comeback.

It’s unclear which team Vick will play for or for how long … but our sources say the quarterback is just looking to be like Owens and have some football fun in his 40s.

Vick turns 42 in June. He can definitely still sling it. I actually love seeing these guys come out of retirement. It’s kind of like the Big 3 where you’ve got the old heads still balling, and in this case we’ve got 40 year olds running back their NFL days. You never run out of talent or skill, you just get older, you know what I mean? It’s like riding a bike. Once you hop back on it’s automatic. Roger Federer could be 70 years old and volleying with some guy down at The Villages in Florida. Class is permanent.

May 28th is the date TMZ says Michael Vick is targeting.