New Low: HBO Max is Taking Swipes at the Sixers

from HACKS

Missed this over the weekend but it’s still worth sharing.

There’s an HBO Max show called HACKS, and in a recent episode they took a dump on the Sixers:

That team you were thinking of is the Philadelphia 76ers… They blow it every year. They suck.”

Wow. Well he’s not wrong. They do blow it every year. But they don’t “suck.” Getting to the second round of the playoffs means you’re one of the eight best teams in the NBA, but this squad has had enough talent to get to the Eastern Conference Finals and falls short anyway, so here we are in 2022 with some HBO show making fun of The Process. They hate The Process!

The person who co-created the show chimed in on Twitter:

If Ms. Statsky is a Clippers fan, then she can relate. She experienced the Doc Rivers era in its entirety. Maybe she can work in a Doc joke for the next season of HACKS.