At Thursday’s Phillies game, a guy tried to give a young fan a foul ball, the young fan just happening to be Liam Castellanos. Liam made sure it went to another kid:

This kid is going to become a fan favorite. Earlier this week he took foul ball to the skull so hard it left stitch marks on his forehead:

Dusted himself off and got right back to the ballpark. Move over Keith Yandle, we’ve got a new Ironman streak in town. Lets see how many games Liam can go to in a row. Who needs school when your dad is making $100 million and everything can be virtual nowadays? Take a page out of this guy’s book. You can get a real estate license and watch a Phillies game. Kill two birds with one stone:


Put this guy on the Toyota Wall of Fame @phillies #philliesfans #phillies #philliesbaseball #philliesfan #philliesgame #ImoniCarly #fyp #philly #phillytok

♬ original sound – Kyle Pagan

P.S. No matter what people outside of Philly think about our fans the next generation is full of a bunch of Mother Theresas: