Nick Sirianni Puts Jalen Hurts and the Eagles Through the Free Throw Pressure Cooker

via r/Eagles on Reddit

The Nick Sirianni team meetings filled with visual metaphors and life lessons are cooking already. This time it’s the Free Throw Pressure Cooker.

I am SHOCKED Ben Simmons isn’t the background Sirianni chose for his PowerPoint. The King of Pandering missed an easy layup. The game looked like it was the QB room vs. the safeties. The first team to have all their guys hit a shot wins:

(Video from Reddit u/loco1989)

Quick critique: Jalen has to hold the follow through a bit longer on his shot. The follow through should look like a goose neck. Day 1 Herb Magee stuff. But he did make up for it by yelling in Andre Chachere’s backswing. Gotta love the competitor coming out.

I honestly love this stuff from Sirianni. Between the Sixers song, the pre-draft competitions with prospects, the dopey metaphors about plants and constant pandering, I love it all. I know some people hate it, but those are the same people praying that science can one day bring Buddy Ryan back from the dead to coach. They don’t think you can win ball games with metaphors. Well John Wooden was the king of metaphors and he’s got a couple wins under his belt.

P.S. Gardner Minshew nailed his free throw in one try while it took Jalen Hurts three times. Can Jalen Hurts handle pressure? 215-592-9494. The phone lines are open.


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