Nick Wright with His First Good NBA Take in Years

via @FTFonFS1 on twitter

Nick Wright’s basketball takes should be held (for today) with respectability and grace when discussing the history of back-to-back MVPs:

Plenty of you are going to think, “Kyle you’re just cherry picking positive Joel Embiid arguments while continuing to pile dirt on the Jokic MVP case.” And to that I say shut up and grab a shovel.

You know who regular guys like you and I aren’t wasting their breath on when it comes to debating the all-time greats at a bar? Steve Nash and Nikola Jokic. Steve Nash is known more by NBA fans today as the guy who can’t get Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving to the Finals rather than the guy who stole two MVPs from Shaq and LeBron.

Here’s a thought that the NBA can have for $50k. Lets call it the “Quizzo Test.”  Every 15 years after there is a back-to-back MVP the NBA should choose a regularly scheduled Quizzo night in a major basketball city and ask the question, “Who in the NBA has won back-to-back MVPs?” If more than 65% of the bar doesn’t answer that MVP the NBA should take back both trophies and vacate those two years of voting. You get one shot to pass and if you do you’re in for life, no questions asked. So in 2021, 15 years after Nash won his second award, we would’ve had some random Quizzo in Indianapolis, Indiana unknowingly deciding the NBA’s legacy. I’d watch a livestream of that. Plus Phoenix fans can still have their precious memories. You think Louisville fans care their National Championship was vacated? Absolutely not. You know who loves to remind them? Kentucky fans. See you in 2037 when Sixers fans will be vindicated off the blue collar backs of a Cleveland, Ohio dive bar.