No Exaggeration, this May be the Worst Phillies Sequence Ever

Bally Sports South

I was watching this live last night and had to rewind on the DVR two or three times because I couldn’t believe it was real:

That wound up being the game-winning run, as the Phillies went on to lose 8-4 and fall to 20-24 on the season. They are now 3-7 since clawing their way to the .500 mark with a series win out in Los Angeles.

The play looked bad enough on the local broadcast, but from the back angle, you can see Bryson Stott coming over to cover for Jean Segura, but when the ball skims off Segura’s glove, it evades Stott as well, meaning that J.T. Realmuto threw to second and the ball passed two Phillies players en route to the outfield, where Odubel Herrera muffed it:

The only person here who doesn’t get any kind of blame is Stott, because he’s rotating over to cover. Realmuto’s throw is high, Segura takes his eye off the (admittedly not great) toss, and then Odubel does his Jalen Reagor impression in center field.

This is a very frustrating team to watch. I’m not sure how Bob and Anthony do it every night. It’s like the baseball version of Groundhog Day. The Phillies are who we thought they were!

Cue the Benny Hill theme: