St. Anselm just flipped Mother’s Day on its head! Turned it into a Happy Father’s day instead. Lot of guys with a smile on their face and an extra pep in their step walking into the Local 420 on Monday:

Look at the fucking grin on this guy’s face when he realizes it’s Red Panty Night at the O’Connell house. The boys at Ladder 28 are gonna get stories for days:

Quick shout out to those parents for not getting upset over a mistake because some overworked secretary probably clicked the first link on Google to buy roses.

For the kinky CB readers, I know there are plenty of ya, you can visit Lace Panty Roses at TheOneApparel.com, which is running a sale on roses marked down from $8.45 for a steal at $5.45. They’re also running a deal, “Buy 5 panties, get the 6th one FREE!” It’s like a Joseph A. Bank suit sale, but for sex:

via TheOneApparel.com

St. Anselm. Pray for us.

P.S. Funny how St. Anselm is considered the “Doctor of the Church”. Hmm…maybe this wasn’t a mistake: