Now that the Government is Involved, the Phillies Have No Choice but to Schedule Another Dollar Dog Night

Not many fans knew the Phillies don’t have a Dollar Dog Night scheduled for the rest of the year. It’s nonsense. The organization has finally put together a product that people want to come out and watch. I know this was an easy fan grab when they sucked, but let’s reward fans for sticking by the team. The last couple of years when they were dogshit the Phillies would have three to four DDNs a season. It’s not like the demand isn’t there:


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80,000 dogs in two nights. Citizens Bank Park has the meats!

I decided to take matters into my own hands. I’m calling Congress. The Phillies can ignore their fans all they want, but they can’t ignore the feds:


Do your part call your local congressman @Senator Bob Casey @phillies #phillies #philliesfan #philliesfans #philliesbaseball #fyp #fypphilly #phillytiktok #phillytok #bryceharper #TopGunMode #hotdogs

♬ original sound – crossingbroad

Bingo. Bob Casey says get to it. Your move, Phillies:

Listen, if I was in Congress we’d have freshly paved roads, a better waterfront on Delaware Ave, and more Dollar Dog Nights. That’s a platform I’m running on whenever the next election is.

P.S. Not trying to make this all about me. Not that kind of guy. But what’s with the Regina lovefest? I’m starting a movement and she handed Bob Casey his calls. I’m getting cucked. Where’s my first pitch?

But still don’t let this distract you the that the Phillies need to schedule another Dollar Dog Night.


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