Once a Top Flyers Prospect, Samuel Morin Calls it a Career

Once heralded as a can’t miss defensive prospect for the Flyers, Samuel Morin will retire from hockey, Flyers GM Chuck Fletcher said today while addressing the media.

The 26-year-old Morin, who tried to make the switch from defense to wing and embrace an enforcers role on behest of the franchise in 2020, had undergone several ACL surgeries on his right knee in the last five years. He had missed the entire 2021-2022 season due to knee injuries as well.

He played a career-high 20 games last season. In the previous four seasons he played a combined nine games.

It’s tough to remember, but the 6’6, 230-pound Morin was once one of the most highly thought of prospects in the Flyers organization. Here’s what our very own Anthony SanFilippo had to say about Morin in a 2017 preview of the Flyers roster:

Morin has shown vast improvement over the past few seasons. There has been an undercurrent of questions from fans about his slow development and if his game will ever translate to the NHL, but the Flyers knew he was going to be a project when they drafted him. I had the luxury of being privy to draft room conversations when he was drafted in 2013, and while all the scouts weren’t completely on the same page, there was a real belief that if the team was patient with him, he could develop into something special.

At the time, also sitting in that draft room was Chris Pronger, who was advising the team while still under contract but for all intents and purposes was retired from the sport. Pronger had been out to see Morin play – and liked what he saw. Morin, who has Pronger’s size and a similar skating style, always wanted to model his game after Pronger’s. The talent was raw. It needed to be molded, but it was there.

I remember asking Pronger his honest opinion of the kid, and I remember his response – “You may not see him in the NHL for three, four years – maybe five. But if he’s developed right, when you do, you will see the kind of impact he will have on a game.”

He was personally recommended by Pronger! That’s high praise, and if it weren’t for knee injuries he might have been able to reach his potential.

Fletcher said he’s had some conversations with Morin about potentially working for the Flyers organization in some capacity.