Opinion: Chuck from Mount Airy and OG Wade Should Both be Suspended from 94 WIP Afternoon Show

Seems like a lot happened on sports talk radio while I was in Florida. Never a dull moment on the Philly airwaves.

Thanks to alert Crossing Broad readers, I was notified of a Thursday kerfuffle involving Chuck from Mount Airy and OG Wade, two regular callers to the WIP afternoon show. And when I say “regular” I mean they may as well give these two their own damn show, since they’re on every single day. You might as well add their names to the show and call it “Marks and Reese, with Jack Fritz, Chuck from Mt. Airy, OG Wade, and sometimes that idiot, Ingy.

Anyway, what happened is that O.G. Wade called up and ripped Chuck:

That was totally innocuous. Nothing over the top there, but then Chuck called in and threatened to break OG Wade’s orbital bone while calling him a chump and a coward, and more or less told him that they could take it outside. That resulted in Ike stepping in to put the kibosh on Chuck:

This is actually kind of funny and concerning at the same time. No clue if Chuck really wants to break orbital bones or not, but Ike is making a legit point here. If Wade goes over to Chuck’s house or vice versa, and someone gets their ass kicked, then is WIP liable? Of course not, but you know some scumbag lawyer would absolutely try to make the case in a COURT OF LAW.

My client would not have done this if he was not influenced by 94 WIP!

It would be the biggest trial this city has ever seen. Eminem touched on the idea of deflecting responsibility in the “Way I Am” video when he discussed how they “blame it on Marilyn, but where were the parents at?” Food for thought right there.

Crossing Broad is the fair and balanced radio arbiter, and the only solution here is a “cool down” period for both OG Wade and Chuck from Mount Airy. Three month suspension for each, then they may resume their calls.

On a more serious note, 94 WIP and 97.5 the Fanatic should give real consideration to bringing back the “once per week, once on the weekends” rule. That means callers can only dial up the station two times total every seven days, instead of getting their own individual daily segments, or calling multiple shows per day. I don’t need to hear the same hoagie mouth call Joe DeCamara three times a week and also call Jonny Marks four times a week. It’s “too much horseshit,” as Peter Laviolette once said.

I’ve got an idea for the next time Jack Fritz does his “top 5 at five.” We’ll do Chuck from Mount Airy’s top-five most annoying calls. My list would be:

  1. Monday
  2. Tuesday
  3. Wednesday
  4. Thursday
  5. Friday

Carry the hell on” – Kendrick Perkins