Important Philadelphia news here from Christine Mattson at NBC 10: 

Production of Arctic Splash iced tea’s pint-sized cartons, with the frost-covered blue bubble letters, has been discontinued, according to Fishtown bar Interstate Drafthouse. The beloved drink will still be available in a jug.

“We only have a limited supply of Arctic Splash cartons in stock, when they are gone it could be the end,” the bar, known for using the cartons for an iced tea cocktail, wrote on Instagram.

Interstate staff said they were informed Thursday that Lehigh Valley Dairy is discontinuing the production of the school-milk style carton.

The good news is Dean Foods Co., the Dallas-based manufacturer of the Philadelphia-known drink, will still continue to make the iced tea, offering it in gallon and half-gallon jugs moving forward, Interstate said.

Fuck a gallon jug. We want the school milk cartons. I will literally walk to Lehigh Valley Dairy, which is around the corner, and ask to speak to the manager.

Arctic Splash was all over Fishtown, literally and figuratively. You can probably still go to the IGA across from Aramingo and it will be in the back left corner and spelled incorrectly as “Artic Splash.” It’s a tough word. Most people forget the extra “C” in “Arctic.” Interstate did their cocktails with the milk cartons and you’d always see these containers laying around, mostly because the trash was overflowing and the powers that be never picked it up in time.

But anyway, this is “ass,” as the kids say. It’s not Arctic Splash unless it comes in the milk carton. We should all boycott Dean Foods Company in Dallas and Lehigh Valley Dairy Farms around the corner from me. We demand Arctic Splash in its one true form. We categorically reject this preposterous bastardization.