Pat Bev went on Get Up and spent the entire time going after Chris Paul for his Suns/Mavericks Game 7 performance. He even called him a “cone,” like a literal cone you dribble around in drills because Paul’s defense is so trash. I never thought I would actually find that disrespectful until I heard it out loud:

Obviously Pat Bev’s dislike for CP3 goes back to last year and maybe years prior:

Now maybe CP3 doesn’t deserve the same slander that Ben Simmons gets from Stephen A and the NBA community, because CP3 at least put on a uniform and checked into a game. But he does deserve as much slander as James Harden is getting. The most memorable part of Chris Paul’s series was him yelling at the  fan who tried to hug his mom. James Harden at least showed up in Game 4 with 31 points. Speaking of Harden, Pat Bev and Stephen A. also sounded off on if the Sixers should give Harden a supermax or not and we got this gem of a clip:

I love Pat Bev fighting for a former teammate to get paid, but there is absolutely no way James Harden is getting a 5 year/$250 million deal. Nor are 29 other teams giving him that. James Harden should opt in and let’s see if that hamstring heals. There aren’t much better choices.