Reporter Does the Unthinkable: Tries to Dunk on ESP and Misses

ESPs Twitter profile picture...very handsome

Pound for pound, Eliot Shorr-Parks is the easiest Eagles reporter to roast. He’s not afraid to let tweets fly about hitting home runs in MLB games. But he sticks to his guns for the most part, whether you like it or not. He’s like FOX 29. “He goes there!” Where? Who knows? But it is there. Today he hit send on this one:

Honestly, one of ESP’s most lukewarm takes of his career. He’s not the only Eagles beat who believes this in some form. It’s also believed by most Eagles fans. Emory Hunt, creator of Football Gameplan and self-proclaimed Czar of the playbook, according to his Twitter bio, disagrees:

Seems like Hunt thinks there’s a little bit of racial bias in ESP’s tweet here about “Ultimatum Analysis.” Who am I to say if there is or isn’t? I don’t know ESP. Now would ESP’s article tying DeSean Jackson to gangs look good in the court of public opinion in 2022? Probably not, since there was never an issue with Jackson after this was published. But I can only talk about the evidence presented in front of me and if this is Hunt’s argument there isn’t really a strong angle.

If I had to guess, the two QBs Hunt is referring to are Justin Herbert and Tua Tagovailoa, Lets get Tua out of the way first, who’s had a similar career to Jalen. He’s a former Alabama QB with arm concerns who didn’t start immediately for the team that drafted him, was rumored in a Deshaun Watson trade, and his team will probably move on from him this season if he can’t win a playoff game. I’d argue Tua is getting the same exact “Ultimatum Analysis” that Hurts is.

Comparing Justin Herbert to Jalen Hurts though is laughable. If you have eyes, you can’t run a football company and scream that the Offensive ROY deserves the same criticism as a second-round pick when discussing who is more of a franchise QB:

All you have to do is watch Justin Herbert’s 4th quarter in Week 18 against the Raiders to know how special this guy is. If Brandon Staley doesn’t call a timeout with 38 seconds left, they tie and they’re in the playoffs. The Eagles had to take the ball out of Jalen’s hands last year and completely revamp their offense in order to be successful. Every single NFL fan would take Justin Herbert over Jalen Hurts.

I’m officially ruling in favor of ESP.

BUT don’t worry Emory, just turn ESP’s Twitter notifications on. You’ll get another opportunity to roast him by Thursday.

Kinkead: This reminds me a bit of that one time the national writer thought Carson Wentz was avoiding criticism because of “white privilege,” even though Carson was being absolutely obliterated by fans and media. Eagles fans do not discriminate. They will crush any quarterback they deem not good enough.