Scott Franzke with Powerful Thoughts on the Texas School Shooting

MLB media photo

Nineteen elementary school kids and a pair of teachers were murdered in Texas this week. You can add “Uvalde” to a long list of preventable incidents that also includes Sandy Hook, Buffalo, Parkland, Columbine, and others that we’ve no doubt forgotten about at this point, because it’s become part of a pitiful and recurring news cycle in the United States. A bunch of innocent people get killed and we all move on after a week or two. Rinse and repeat while nothing changes.

Enter Texas native and Phillies radio play-by-play broadcaster Scott Franzke, who said this on the Tuesday Phillies pregame show:

Nothing much to add here. We’ve got 4th graders being mowed down in school. If we’re really the greatest country in the world, then this shouldn’t be happening. Time for the leaders of this country to step it up and do something for once.