“Seems Like James Doesn’t Want Doc as a Head Coach,” Says Amar’e Stoudemire

from First Take

You can decide for yourself if there’s anything meaningful coming from the national TV talking head shows, but I found this clip interesting.

Here’s Amar’e Stoudemire on First Take agreeing with Stephen A.’s assertion that James Harden was intentionally going through the motions in Game 6:

You always have to be careful with these things, accusing a player of dogging it or intentionally or deliberately not competing, as these guys are suggesting. Stephen A. gives himself an out there, but it’s interesting to hear Stoudemire, who is not a traditional talking head, straight up say, “I think it did look intentional, right? Because it seems like James doesn’t want Doc as a head coach, and he has a history of when he doesn’t like something, he will shut down.” 

Regardless, I know Mike D’Antoni is not the answer. You don’t want Joel Embiid playing in a Mike D’Antoni system. IRONICALLY, D’Antoni’s system plays much more like Brett Brown’s system. D’Antoni would have been a good coach for Ben Simmons, for real.

The Sixers need to find the next Nick Nurse or Taylor Jenkins. Gimme a motivated and hungry young guy who is going to dive into the Xs and Os and pay better attention to detail. Someone who hammers the margins for value. These guys don’t have any issues getting buy in from their stars, or motivating young players. Same with Ime Udoka. For all of the winning he did early in his career, Doc was a retread when the Sixers hired him. Brett Brown plateaued. Go out and find the next hungry assistant or fill my Nissan Frontier with cash and park it in Jay Wright’s driveway.