The end of an era in Philly sports talk radio.

Crossing Broad has learned that Beasley is aiming to replace Mike Missanelli with a combination of Tyrone Johnson and Hunter Brody in the 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. slot. NBC Sports Philadelphia is expected to continue simulcasting the program on television.

It’s unclear right now if Jen Scordo will continue on P.M. drive, or take on a different role on a different time slot, while the show could also shift to a new producer with Johnson stepping into a co-host role. We’ll continue to “effort” that information, as they say in the business.

Contrary to what we originally thought, this move had apparently been in the works for some time, with Beasley eyeing the Brodes/Johnson combo going back many months now. Missanelli completed a one-year contract in 2021, then agreed to a short-term extension that took him about halfway through this year, though the wheels were in motion a long time ago. He’ll officially depart when his deal expires in a few weeks, though there is the outside chance that he may partake in some annual non-radio events.

For Brodes, this will complete a meteoric radio rise. It was only a few years ago that he was co-hosting with Mike Gill at 97.3 ESPN down in Atlantic City. He quickly worked his way up the ranks using YouTube and other multimedia platforms, while securing weekend shifts at the Fanatic. Now he’s set to go full time in one of the most coveted radio time slots out there.

Johnson, meantime, has been working the PM drive shift alongside Missanelli for several years now, but also anchored solo on weekends and would carry the Missanelli show when Mike was out. Now he’ll be elevated to a bigger position in that current day part.

I’ll add more details to the story when we get them.

EDIT 1 –

It goes without saying, but yes, the station will save in salary with Mike’s departure.

EDIT 2 –

There may be some Ricky Bo involvement in this. I’ll sniff around and see what I can find out.

EDIT 3 –

Okay here’s what I’m hearing.. this is going to be some sort of three-man show with Tyrone, Hunter, and Ricky Bottalico. What I’m told is that NBC is building a studio where Ricky can do remote co-hosting, so it’ll likely be Brodes and Tyrone live in Bala, Ricky at NBC HQ, and then a producer. Not sure who’s gonna do that, or what Jen Scordo’s status is, but it might be an off-air producer gig unless they wanna let a fourth person talk. If Jen is not involved, then the new producer might do updates instead, but that seems like it hasn’t been settled yet.

There’s a possibility that Tyrone and Hunter start this together, and then Ricky comes in in August, and/or when the Phillies schedule allows. I’ll try to hammer out the details and update this story.