The BB&T / Tweeter / Susquehanna Bank / E-Centre Has a New Name

via Waterfront Music Pavilion Facebook

There’s a venue on the Camden waterfront where bands have played for years. My first show there was Ozzfest 2001 and I got kicked in the face in the Slipknot mosh pit.

It was the Tweeter Center back then, but others might still call it the E-Centre, BB&T Pavilion, or Susquehanna Bank Center. The venue has been nameless for a few months now, but lo and behold it’s coming back as this, via Nick Vadala at The Inquirer:

After three months, Camden’s massive waterfront music venue has yet another new moniker thanks to mortgage lender Freedom Mortgage, operator Live Nation announced Wednesday.

Now, the venue formerly known as the Waterfront Music Pavilion will be called the Freedom Mortgage Pavilion after its new name-in-title sponsor.

Freedom Mortgage Pavilion? Eh. Alright. Everything around here is named after something financial. Wells Fargo Center. Lincoln Financial Field. Citizens Bank Park.

One thing, however, is certain, and that is Dave Matthews definitely does not give a shit what the Camden venue is called. I think he’s played here 19 straight years and will continue to play here, no matter who holds the naming rights. You could name this thing the “Butthole Bank Center” and Dave would be up there doing “So Much to Say” for the umpteenth time.

Actually, lemme go to the website and see if Dave is playing there again this year…

Hang on…

One second…

There it is:

TWO SHOWS! Dave is playing twice this summer in Camden. I’ll throw on some Crocs and see ya there.

Here’s my Mount Rushmore of shows coming to the Freedom Mortgage Pavilion this summer:

  • Alice in Chains, Breaking Benjamin, and Bush
  • Incubus and Sublime
  • Rob Zombie and Mudvayne
  • REO Speedwagon and Styx

I’ll see you motherfuckers in the pit!